averagemissesfox asked: I wrote a tiny story for your murder family picture, it's tagged under your url and the murder family.

Wow, awesome stuff! Really happy I was able to inspire you aaaa

8952remade asked: hello there! i really love your art, so i wanted to as if i could use one of your drawings as icon? I'm gonna give you credit on my credit page. :) i mean this one: /post/58479127650/murder-familyyy

Hi there! Sure no problem. :D I’m glad you like my art aahhhh

thengreyjoy asked: Hi I was wondering which tablet you use to draw?

Hello! I’ve got an old Graphire 4 at home and I use an Intuos 4 at school. The former is out of production but you can still find Intuos!

sapphirepheonix asked: Afkuhtkdjfhjn OMGSH your art ;~; I hate you it's too amazing! Both of you DX especially the Pokemon gijinkas ;//3//;

waaah thank you Q v Q p-please don’t hate me sobs

some animu commissions and stuff that i never posted ;;;
school is kicking my ass so idk how often i can post for the next 3 months or so Q_Q i’ll probably still find time for hannibal fanart though /kicked

beggarman8 asked: That Hannibal sketch is just amazingly gorgeous. Just wanted to tell you that. :)

Thanks so much! It was just a messy thing, I’m really happy you all like it Q___Q

quick sketch in celebration of s2 trailer aaaaaaaa



finally got around to finishing this @ v @